Authentically ME!

Mar 9, 2020 | 0 comments

For the year 2019, my “word for the year” was EXPANSION, which was all about stepping beyond my fears and limiting beliefs. This year, I’m feeling as though my word is AUTHENTIC.

What does this mean to me? Well, it means stepping beyond my fears and limiting beliefs and being authentically ME.

This does not mean that I’ve not been authentic in the past. It’s something that I’ve strived to do/be for many years now, but it has occurred to me that I’ve been trying to do what “everyone else who is successful” is doing, as well as those things that I believe I “should be doing”.

Last year, I worked very hard to try to “sell” myself as a Life and/or Spiritual Coach, a healer of humans and animals, and intuitive.

It’s true. I’m all those things, but there was something about persuing that path that just didn’t FEEL “right” to me.

I tried to push past it, believing that it was just my limiting beliefs that held me back.

On the other hand, I released blogging and podcasting, which I REALLY loved because I was having challenges figuring out how to monetize them OR believing that I wouldn’t be able to successfully do so.

The truth of the matter is… It truly IS my deepest desire to be of assistance and in service to others, BUT…

  • I am no guru, nor am I even comfortable saying I have “all the answers” or even know where to find them!
  • I am, and will always be, a “work in progress”. The day that I can no longer improve or grow is the day that I’ll be ready to “take my toys and go home”.
  • There are some really GREAT people out there with wonderful information and techniques. I would rather grow in myself and share what’s already out there with others than spending my time trying to “reinvent the wheel”.

I do not seek success in the limelight. In fact, it rather makes me uncomfortable. I have, however, become more comfortable stepping into the spotlight long enough to tout the successes of others. (Think of me as the Herald of the Spiritual Community!)

BUT I am ALSO an empath, which means that I’m able to feel into those whose praises I (do or don’t) sing. If they’re not authentic in persona or deed… I feel it.

All this to say that my path is taking yet another turn.

I’m going back to blogging because I LOVE it!

But my sharings will be rather different than in the past. From now, you can think of it as a who’s who and what’s what in the spiritual community. At least in my (hopefully humble) opinion.

I’ve been coming across SO much GREAT stuff lately. It is my desire to share it.

I know there are SO MANY people out there that are just embarking on their own spiritual journey, and, though it was 20+ years ago for me, I STILL remember what it felt like. The Internet was still fairly new. It was possible to connect with others of like-mind, but not like it is today!

It was a rather lonely and confusing time for me.

Will my brand of spirituality be for every one of them? Most certainly not, but I hope I can all of you a taste of beliefs and modalities that may feel new to you. Enough that it might spur you to learn more about it.

And the podcasts… I’ll be delving into those again. This time, I will present audio and video versions.

They say: Do what you love and the money will follow.

This time, I’m stepping in faith that such is the case.

I just want to love what I’m doing again.

I hope you will continue to join me for the ride.

Until next time, my dear friend… May you be well!



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