Making the Best of It

Jun 15, 2020 | 0 comments

This morning, I popped into the Everyday Magic Check-In post from Friday to share my own favorite image.

For me, the “magic” I experienced was not from the image itself, rather the story behind the image. (After all, isn’t that where much of the magic in our lives come from? The story?)

My youngest daughter left middle school this past week.

Usually, the 8th-grade class have fun activities leading up to a graduation ceremony on the last day of school. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, my daughter and her class missed out on these experiences.

This past Friday, though, the staff of her school did something special, though. They asked the 8th-graders (those who ordered yearbooks as well as those who didn’t) to drive through the drop-off/pick-up loop at the school within the span of an hour.

They had something akin to a drive-thru graduation for them!

Each car would pull up in front of the school, give their name to one of the staff members. They would then announce the student’s name over a loudspeaker as they drove past a long line of staff members, which included the 8th-grade teachers.

At the end of the line, each student received a class t-shirt that had the names of all the 8-grade class on it. ❤️ In addition, they were given a clear bag, which they can use at the football games in high school that had a heartfelt letter from the school principal in it.

The end of this school year was not usual, but the staff of the school made the 8th-graders’ experience as great and magical as they were able given the circumstances. And that is definitely something to be grateful for!


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