Nomads: Seeking Words of Wisdom

Aug 22, 2021 | 0 comments

DW and I are still at the beginning of our RVing journey, which means we’re doing a lot of planning and prep work (ie dreaming).

We’re narrowing down our list of RV front-runners and making a list of places to visit (see map).

Then, once it cools down, we’ll actually start getting out to visit some of the places that are more local to us.

There’s a reason we’re planning to become digital nomads. Extremes in temperatures and I don’t get along! Our plan – eventually – is to follow the good weather. 🥰

For us, it’s a process, though, and we’re at the beginning.

If you’re an RVer currently, what were some of the things you considered at the beginning of your journey – particularly where your rig was concerned? Any words of wisdom to share?

Or, if you’re currently at the same place we are on your journey, what are you considering?


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