How Do You Know You’re Ready for Change?

Oct 21, 2019 | 0 comments

Happy Monday Morning to you! We have another week ahead of us to make a difference in our own life and the lives of others!

This weekend was a “down” weekend for our family compliments of Tropical Storm Nestor. Due to the fact that it cruised through our area, our youngest daughter – LB – didn’t end up going to the band competition she was originally scheduled to go to.

She was disappointed, of course, but it was also good for all of us.

Yesterday, I spent the day crocheting, coloring, and binging on an audio book I purchased.

All things I’ve not taken the time to do in awhile.

“I Don’t Have Time”

Many of the personal development “gurus” I read and listen to all say the same thing, “to get something you’ve never had, you have to do things that you’ve never done before”.

One of the things I hear from people who aren’t currently satisfied with their lives when I share resources for change is: “I don’t have time.” Whether that is “I don’t have time to read”, or “workout” or… or… or…

We all have busy lives. I get that. But, really, it boils down to how badly one desires improvements in their life.

Is improvement (ie change) a priority?

Because, quite honestly, until we make it a priority, there’s always going to be something that seemingly prevents us from taking the necessary steps to achieve the change we desire to see.


I really wish I could give credit where credit’s due, but I can only remember the acronym and what it means…


Each of us has our own (possibly) unique beliefs such as “I don’t have time.”


Eventually, our beliefs become our excuses. WHY we cannot do what is required to make changes in our lives.


Our excuses affect our actions. We’re “too busy” to do what is required, so we procrastinate.


Our current life is a reflection (or the result) of the actions we have taken or not taken in the past.

What IS the Pay-Off?

The audio-book I binged on yesterday was You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. I highly recommend it! (Already have her money audio-book waiting for me in my library.)

One of the things she mentioned was questioning ourselves, asking what the pay-off or reward is not to make a particular change in our life. Because we’re getting someTHING out of not taking action.

For instance, I used to believe that I was physically incapable of losing weight. Experience showed me I could “eat all the right things”, practically “kill myself exercising”, and still not shed the extra pounds I’ve accumulated over the years.

And you know what?

It was true for me. I had plenty of experiences under my belt proving that was my reality.

It was true… until it wasn’t

Back in July, I started yet another “health journey”. This time was different, though. I made the decision that it was time to FINALLY shed the extra weight,

In order to do so, though, I’ve had to change my beliefs and realize that I no longer desired the “pay off(s)” to remaining in my unhealthy body.

My “Pay Offs”

As an empath, I have often felt as though I’m barraged by energy that isn’t mine. Whether that is energy from a place or other people. The pay-off for having a large layer of fat is that energy is dissipated. If I were to shed that layer, I would be vulnerable, un-safe.

In addition, if my belief that I “cannot lose weight” is true, then it lets me off the hook. After all, what’s the point in trying or putting forth the effort, if experience has proven to me that – no matter what I do – I am unable to shed the weight?

The Tipping Point

What it boiled down to for me – and what it has to boil down to for anyone to FINALLY decide – to make a change is… what-is has to become more uncomfortable than what needs to happen in order to make that change.

For me, with regard to my weight-loss journey, I finally had ENOUGH.

I wasn’t happy in my body.

I also realized, in order to be more open to the energies that I do desire to take in and experience, I needed to reduce the thickness of my fat layer.

Sure! It might mean that I open myself to the energies I don’t desire to experience, but… I’m stronger than I have given myself credit for.

Has it been easy?

No, it hasn’t been, and it still continues to be a challenge. The reason being that I’ve realized the fat layer I’ve accumulated is just a symptom of other challenges.

My issues with my body, finances, career… It ALL boils down to one thing and one thing only.

My MINDSET (ie my beliefs).

And when you realize that? It opens up a HUGE can of worms.

But still…

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~Anais Nin

That’s IT exactly!


So, if you find yourself in the “I don’t have time” crowd… Because I get it! I really, really do.

Might I suggest, beyond making yourself and your growth/development a priority, try listening to podcasts and audio-books.

Each of us has time that we’re sitting idle. Your commute is a GREAT time to listen to something motivational.

I spend a great deal of time being a Mom Taxi, in addition to the errands I run on a normal basis. I use that time to listen to a podcast.

My personal favorites are:

Maybe “the woo” isn’t your “cuppa tea”. I get that too! But, the truth of the matter, is there is a podcast for any interest that may take your fancy. Find something that works for you!

Use the time you might otherwise use to go mental on yourself to learn something new! It really is – in my experience – a better use of our time!

Until next time, dear friend, may you be well!

I hope you received some value from my sharing!

If you did, you can find things like this and MORE by becoming a part of the Passionate Protagonist community.

Hope to see you there!

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