Rebirth and Transformation

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These two themes (rebirth and transformation) are larger than life for me at the moment. Everything I’m coming across is yet another confirmation of that fact.

The other day, I shared a blog post on Facebook I ended up being guided to during my online journeys.

The post speaks all about the way Samhain (what “Halloween” started out as) supports our personal and spiritual development.

There is also a post that speaks of a Samhain centered tarot spread, which I did.

Interestingly enough, to answer the question “How can I best nourish myself this season?”, I drew the Death card.

Death Card

I know, the response most people have when this card is drawn is OMG!!! DOOOM!

That’s really not it, at all.

Death is a natural part of life.

Each of us experiences some form of death many times throughout the process of living.

Death merely makes room for something new to grow. This is a fact signified by the Death card in my reading.

In order to nourish myself throughout this season, it is necessary for me to allow that which no longer serves me to die off and slip away.

Which brings be around to one of the reasons for this post.


For the past year, I’ve been trying to step into the role of a life coach. Something that has been rather scary for me.

20 years ago, it was revealed to me while in meditation that I’m “meant to become” a spiritual teacher and healer. At the time, I had absolutely NO idea what that even meant! I hadn’t, after all, been on my spiritual path for very long at the time.

Since then, though, I’ve learned A LOT.

I studied Reiki and became a practitioner, and, eventually, went on to become a Reiki M/T.

I’m also an ordained minister.

Bet you didn’t know that. MOST people don’t. But I am ordained through Unified Trinity Church.

Even went through an actual ceremony. Not just submitting my email address to get a certificate from some organization online.

Though, I did do that, too, at some point during my journey.

In addition, I’m a Certified Life Coach and in the process of working on several other certifications in various modalities.

One thing I’ve realized with the assistance of my fabulous business coach (Latrelle Ross), though, is until I let go of the things I’ve previously been online – those things that no longer fully reflect reflect who I’ve become… Until I allow that necessary Death… I won’t fully be able to step into who I AM meant and desire to become – a teacher, healer, and coach.

With that being said, while I will continue to share breakthroughs I have on this Journey, I’m not going to actively engage in “blogging activities”. In other words, I’m not going to scramble for content to post for the purpose of entertaining.

I’m also not going to actively “build my platform”.

I have committed to participate in Rev Anne Presuel and Rev. Sherry Bower’s Divine Biz Gifts for Spiritual Teachers next month, which I will see through.

Beyond this, though…

I’m taking this season to nourish my spirit, to connect with GUS (God/Universe/Spirit) and listen to what It, my Spirit and the Spirit of my business have to say.

What About the Pause?

I had planned to go forward with the podcast. But over the course of this week, I’ve realized it’s one of those things I need to let go of as well.

This does not mean I’m going to stop creating.

In fact, there was a project Spirit presented me with last week that I do have plans to move forward with.

And really? The freebie I created for Divine Biz Gifts next month was what helped to inspire me.

Not only did I enjoy the creative aspect, but the techie aspect as well. (I’m something of a tech-geek. Dh calls me his “gadget girl”.)

Journey With Me

Would you like to join me for this journey and move forward with me?

I would love your company!

However, it is my plan to step back from spreading myself thin through the spans of the Internet. I’ve been doing that A LOT lately, and it’s left me feeling as though I’m just another voice echoing out among a field of crickets.

It’s one thing I’ve realized in the beginning stages of this journey and something I really dislike.

As a human society, we’ve become so “connected”, but SO disconnected at the very same time.

I AM, by nature, an ambivert.

What that means is I like socializing. But with more of the nature of an Introvert, I cannot do so for long periods of time. In addition, when I do so, I don’t like surface socializing.

I thrive on REAL connection, really getting to know a person.

I just don’t have time for anything less.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I do have the time, I just don’t choose to use the time I do have for such frivolities.

But that’s me! And I’m FINALLY ready to fully own it!

What it boils down to, though, is I desire to actually connect with others via the platforms I am on.

I desire to connect with YOU.

To exchange thoughts, ideas, and energy.

To go deep.

I do know that is not something for the feint of heart.

BUT, if this is something you have an interest in doing, there are a couple of ways you’ll be able to accomplish it.

1) By joining my email list OR

2) For as little as $5 a month… The equivalent of buying me a beverage at Starbucks ONCE a month… you can join my community on Patreon. (This option, of course, has more benefits than the previous.)

After this post goes live, those are the only two places I will share my creative efforts – blog posts, videos, and meditation and hypnosis audios.

Granted, I may post on Facebook or Instagram or share graphic quotes on Pinterest from time to time. Particularly during the month of November. But that will be IF I’m so inspired. It just won’t be with the frequency I share now.

So, if you are a person (like me) who longs for or thrives on authentic communication, I invite you to connect with me via one of the avenues mentioned above OR email me directly.

I truly would love the opportunity to connect with you!

Whether this is the end of the road for our shared journey, or we will journey on together from here, may you be well, my dear friend! I wish nothing but the best and ample amounts of joy and happiness for you.

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