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Welcome, Friend, to my new home on the Internet!

I am a writer and have been blogging (off and on) for many years now.

Since I returned to the workforce this past summer, I have been contemplating my creative outlets. Those I utilized when I was an entrepreneur no longer seem to fit.

In addition, the new, stable income stream has allowed DW (my husband of 30+ years) and me to dream new dreams together. Dreams that are now manifesting and allowing us many opportunities for new adventures. Adventures I’ll share here on the blog under the Maundering We Go category and @mysticmaunderer on Instagram.

Hiccups In Time (here and on Instagram) are my sharings about life as a middle-aged woman/mom/spouse.

There will – inevitably – be deeper musings. It’s just how I’m wired! It’s how I try to make sense of life (through my spiritual filter).

All will be conveyed (and open for discussion) as one friend to another.

I’m thrilled to have you here!


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